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Written by Philippa Walsh

Deciding whether or not to see a Counsellor or Psychotherapist can be a really daunting decision to make. Despite the high profile media coverage that the subject of mental health has recently attracted, there still exists the belief that seeking professional help is a sign of weakness or something that only those with serious mental health issues need. 

This is simply not the case. The clients I support are neither weak nor 'mentally ill'. They are high functioning individuals ranging from corporate business executives to students who all share one thing in common: they value their mental health and want to retain it. 

Most of us have been touched by workplace or academic stress. We all lose people we love. There are times when anxiety can start to get the better of us or an unexpected life event such as a redundancy or divorce can leave us feeling low. Struggling to cope in the face of life's challenges does not make an individual weak or ill.

It is my hope that mental health campaigns such as  'Heads Together' and 'Mental Health Awareness Week' will continue to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and that one day, deciding to seek counselling will no longer be considered a last resort.

There are many reasons why talking to a professional should not be thought of solely as a remedial intervention. Having a safe space to explore how we feel can help us navigate through any roadblocks that might be holding us back from our goals. It can be used to enhance our self-esteem and places our own happiness at the very top of our agenda.

For those who feel that their relationships are in a rut, couples counselling can be a great way to reconnect with partners by learning new ways of communicating more effectively.

If  workplace issues including interpersonal conflicts or poor time management are threatening to derail your career, therapy can be the perfect place to explore these difficulties and put in place new strategies to promote healthy change.

Counselling and psychotherapy is good for helping us realign with our own values and rediscover our purpose in life at a deeper level. Being busy often means that we forget what truly makes us happy and how to achieve it. Having the time to explore this fosters a greater sense of self and emotional wellbeing.

Therapy can also help us find the inner resources needed to let go of painful emotions such as guilt, shame or anger. Learning to move on from these are essential for long-term happiness.

Deciding to talk to a therapist may seem like a daunting decision; but there should be no shame in reaching out for support. To find out more about Counselling and Psychotherapy in Manchester, tell me your story and see where your therapeutic journey will take you...

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