Privacy Policy

The privacy of your data is my priority and I aim to protect any personal data you provide in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation. The following policy document will set out how your information is collected and used.

All personal and clinical data I hold for you is stored electronically on an encrypted, cloud-based client management platform supplied by Mayden. I do not keep paper records. My Clinical Executor is the only other person who may have access to these files and only in the event of my death.

I only use software where data security is fully implemented and where adherence to GDPR Compliance is confirmed in their terms and conditions.

I will never share your information, except where a safeguarding issue concerning risk to yourself or others is indicated. In the event of confidentiality needing to be breached, this would be discussed with you beforehand.

I will carry out an annual review of this policy to ensure that it remains compliant with current data protection legislation.

I am an ICO registered data controller (Registration number: ZA230202)

Why I need to process your data

I need to process your personal data in order to provide psychotherapy and counselling services for you, including when you request information about the services available or when you begin treatment.

This might include obtaining information from you so that I can advise you about the benefits and types of psychotherapy and counselling, as well as when you are attending regular psychotherapy and counselling sessions with me.

I regret that I am not able to provide information and services for you without processing your data.

Enquiring about or starting therapy:

If you enquire about therapy, I will initially collect brief personal information about you including:

• Your full name

• Your email address / contact number

• Your location

• Your reason for seeking therapy

If you begin therapy, I will also collect the following information about you:

• Further Personal Information (e,g, date of birth, postal address and emergency contact information)

• Medical Information (e.g. GP Details, Diagnosed Conditions, Prescribed Medication)

• Sensitive Information: Details about your life, relationships and the difficulties for which you are seeking help through psychotherapy and counselling

I need this information to be able to maintain contact with you about psychotherapy and counselling appointments and to ensure your safety and wellbeing. I also need this in order to be able to work with you appropriately.

Your personal data will be electronically stored on an encrypted cloud-based client management platform which is password protected.

Your rights

Whilst you have the right to request the removal of your personal data from my records, I am required by my professional indemnity insurer to retain your information for a period of seven years following therapy. Once the retention period has ended, your personal data will be permanently deleted and will be irretrievable.

You may request a copy of the data I hold for you and should do so by email. Your data will be supplied within 30 days of your request being received. Data will be sent to you in an encrypted document via email. A password will be supplied to you separately via SMS.

Social Media Policy

I hold a Twitter account for professional purposes. You are welcome to look at this and make comments. I will not, however, reply to comments made, or 'follow', current or former clients as this may compromise your privacy and would blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship, which I consider to be strictly professional.