Location for Individual / Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy in Manchester

My Counselling and Psychotherapy practice is located just off Wilmslow Road, in the leafy suburb of Fallowfield in South Manchester.

This convenient and discreet location has excellent public transport links, is close to the M60/M56 and only 10 minutes from Manchester City Centre.

Car parking can be found either on-site or in the surrounding roads directly outside the premises. Both are free of charge.

Situated in a beautifully appointed Victorian building, my therapy room will provide you with a safe and comfortable space within which to get your life back on track. 

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, it is with regret that all face to face therapy sessions are on hold until further notice. These will resume as normal in the future.

To continue meeting your needs, therapy is still being offered via Skype or telephone; please be assured that this will not compromise the quality of support you will receive.

Please reach out and see how therapy can meet your needs during these difficult times.

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