What to expect from therapy

Deciding to have therapy is an important and courageous decision.  My role is to support you by providing you with a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space to find a way forward.  

This space is built on integrity and trust. Your capacity to feel accepted, validated and understood is paramount and these are core values I place at the heart of my practice. 

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will help me to find out more about you and to assess how best to support you.

It will also give you the opportunity to decide whether or not I am the right therapist for you.  

Further sessions can then be mutually agreed.

Therapy Sessions

The content of these will depend on what you choose to talk about and the nature and severity of your issues.  

Therapy involves actively listening to your concerns and working with you collaboratively and effectively to help you overcome them. 

It does not involve telling you how to live your life or passing judgement on the decisions you choose to make.

Whilst I only use evidence based therapy models, I do so in a way that is non-prescriptive and respects your individuality.

The techniques used will be personally relevant to you and your feedback will be encouraged throughout the therapeutic process.

How much therapy will I need?

Depending on your difficulties, I may suggest an appropriate number of counselling or psychotherapy sessions based upon current clinical guidelines, but you are under no obligation to attend a minimum number of appointments.

Having a confidential space to talk things through can provide you with significant emotional relief. For less complex issues, one to six sessions may be enough to support you.

If you’re experiencing chronic or more severe issues and are seeking long term results, more sessions would usually be needed.

As an ethical counsellor and psychotherapist, I seek to foster independence and will never encourage you to have more therapy than you need. How many sessions you have is completely up to you, because your needs are unique from those of other clients.

When you feel that there is no further work to be done in session, this is usually an indication that you are ready to move on independently.

I will regularly review your progress with you and we will mutually agree an ending in advance.

Your therapy will be summarised in our final session, which will serve as a reminder of the coping strategies you’ve acquired and how much you've progressed.